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"It is easy to use and gives the fast service that my business customers are looking for."
John M, Manchester


Douglas Brown, a driver for Edinburgh firm Central Taxis had this to say: "I think it's great, a very forward thing for the taxi trade. People want to use their cards. I've had customers coming up to me on the rank and I get the job when others can't take cards. I feel very secure about the system. It's great for business people and the drunks on Saturday night who get in and say 'I've only got a fiver', but the fare is £15.00. I say, 'Have you got a card?'"

Louisa Weir from Torbay Taxis commented, "The drivers were taking card payments via swipe machines which did not produce a receipt. We knew this was an outdated method which left us vulnerable to chargebacks so we started to look for a professional company who could provide the first class service that we like to deliver for our passengers and our drivers."

At Rainbow City Cars, customer care is a top priority. As Managing Director Russell McLeod confirmed, "We continuously strive to improve the quality of our service so when we were looking for a firm to provide us with a card payment facility, we knew we needed to find a company with first-class credentials. CabCard seemed to fit the bill."


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